Who We Are

Our Mission

Since 1949, Fine Arts Theatre Place has brought cinematic magic to Maynard and the Metro West community. Like our patrons, we are passionate about movies. They move us to laughter and tears, to excitement and wonder. They link us to the past and inspire our visions for the future. And they bring us together as a community.
With a newly renovated Theatre that retains its classic, storied roots, we are delighted to again be a point of cultural pride among Maynard and Metro West residents. Let’s go to the show…

Steve Trumble – Owner

Steve Trumble

Steve Trumble

Fine Arts Theatre Place is one of the defining places of my childhood. I saw my first movie here (James Bond) in 1962, and I can still remember the exact chair I sat in.

The Theater was the coolest thing around. It drew people from all of Metro West. It was a place where everyone knew everyone – a safe place to drop your kids off.

After a long career in real estate and credit counseling, I learned that the Theatre was for sale in 2012. I knew I had to buy it. My nostalgia was the driving force. I want couples to go on first dates here, have their first kiss here, and bring their kids here to see their first movie.

In the end, this Theatre belongs to you, the community. I am proud to serve as its owner, and to play a small role in bringing all that movie magic back to Maynard.

Welcome to Fine Arts Theatre Place…