Movies and movie tickets collectively may be the motive that attracts customers to the theatre; however our concessions are what keep us going.

Any one that has been to a cinema before knows how costly both concessions and ticket prices can get. We are all aware of how expensive it can be to go to a big chain theatre such as Regal, AMC, etc.

Being huge movie house enthusiasts, we take pride in our reasonable prices here at Fine Arts Theatre Place. We are very proud of our low priced concessions and tickets. The price differences of big chains compared to ours are substantial, and will make you wonder why you ever went to them in the first place.

concessions  concessions

  We are happy to keep our prices as realistic as we can, however in order to do that we must keep selling as many concessions as we can! The majority of the money our patrons spend on tickets goes directly back to the production studios. Therefore, in order to keep the ticket fees low and the theatre running smoothly we must keep our focus on selling concessions.


ConcessionsNext time you visit us, keep in mind that the popcorn you purchase is contributing greatly to the theatre.

Plus, who doesn’t want movie theatre popcorn? I think the majority of people would agree that popcorn and a movie are inseparably inevitable. They both just go together so well; the past impact that the sale of popcorn has had on movie theatres is undeniable.

We kindly and respectfully ask that our customers refrain from bringing their own snacks in from outside.  As I have mentioned above, concessions, popcorn being the more popular one, is what makes all of this possible for both sides. Help us, keep our prices at a low cost, so that we are all satisfied in return!










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