Historical pictures, before-and-afters, and our Grand Re-Opening!

Historical Photos

Yes, our beloved Theatre was originally the town's stables, owned by James. A. Coughlan!
Cars arrived in Maynard in 1901, and Coughlan converts his stables into a garage and car dealership. Here, the first car in Maynard.
Despite the automobile that moved Coughlan to convert his stables to a garage, trains were still king in Metro West. Here, a derailment in 1911 at High Street.
Moving pictures arrive in the 1920s. Here, the People's Theatre, one of three cinemas that once entertained Maynardites, is under construction on Nason Street.
Burt Coughlan, son of James, manages the People's Theatre and develops a passion for all things Hollywood.
Burt Coughlan opens Fine Arts Theatre Place where his father's garage and stables once stood. The People's Theatre would close just a few years later.
By the 1960s, Fine Arts had become one of the highest grossing Disney cinemas in the country. Here, moviegoers file into the lobby. Check out the car in the reflection!

Before and After Photos

It was a sad day when Fine Arts Theatre Place closed in 2012. Here, the Theatre's unsightly front entrance awaits some TLC.
The restoration preserved the Theatre's classic signage and exterior, with some nice new technology at the box office window.
Here, the hallway carpets are worn out and roof tiles show visible signs of water damage.
Dropcloths protect the floor and hallway murals as walls are painted and the wiring, lights, and ceiling are replaced.
Our restored hallway: new carpets, ceiling, paint and all the rest! New director's chairs are perched near Steve's Corner.
The lobby's condition made an unattractive entrance to our proud Theatre.
Our restoration team found old wiring and cobwebs at every turn. Here, the lobby ceiling is opened up.
An amazing restoration retained the classic concessions stand and made our lobby beautiful again!
Our newly restored lobby made for a festive holiday season.
They don't build 'em like this anymore. And it makes the most delicious movie popcorn you'll ever have!
Water was coming through the roof in multiple places. No wonder our Theatre was so damp!
That took care of the leaks. Now to repair all of the damage inside...
This was a monumental job, and those Theatre ceilings are high!
Aside from crumbling bricks, our Theatre screens were waterlogged!
What a difference! Refurbished seats, brand new screen, state-of-the-art light and sound, and so much more.
The Asian murals remain, two of the unique features that make our Theatre a classic Hollywood gem.
Like her partner across the way, the Empress gives a royal welcome to Metro West moviegoers.
Like most of the Theatre, this room needed more than aesthetic fixes. State-of-the-art computer, light, and sound systems were needed. Cue Mark Grundstrom, technology guru!
The belly of the beast! Our classic 35mm. film reels remain, as does our vintage projector (with some crucial updates).
Here, the red carpets are out for our Grand Re-Opening. Wanna see the pics? Check out our next slideshow!

Grand Re-Opening – December 5, 2014

Steve and Melissa are ready for the noontime ribbon cutting ceremony.
Local leaders and politicians celebrate Fine Arts Theatre Place.
State Representative Kate Hogan, center, stands on with Selectman Jason Kriel, left, and State Senator Jamie Eldridge.
Getting ready to cut the ribbon...
It's official! Welcome to the newly restored Fine Arts Theatre Place.
More than 100 people turned out to see the new Theatre!
The crowd stretched down the street.
Families take their first look at our new lobby.
Rooftop lights and classic cars were on hand for our evening celebration!
People as far away as Waltham could see the lights.