There is something extraordinary about movie theatre popcornpopcorn

Something about the flavor of it, that just can’t be recreated outside of a cinema. Could it be the popcorn machine itself? Maybe it’s the oil it cooks in… maybe it’s the butter they use… or maybe it’s a secret flavoring everyone isn’t aware of.

The Truth is, every theatre pops differently!

The taste of the popcorn isn’t the only thing that gets you, it’s the sound of the kernels sizzling hot, ready to pop, and the smell of it too. You have to admit watching a nice fresh batch pop right in front of you makes it that much more exciting and satisfying.

Sitting in a movie house and crunching on popcorn has been found to bring people feelings of nostalgia.popcorn

The dynamic of a movie theatre environment is pure fun and entertainment; this is why it makes sense, that some people can’t help but reminisce on their past movie experiences from when they were younger, their first dates, etc. I personally remember being overly excited for the popcorn, even if the the movie ended up being a disappointment.

This wonder has been backed up by science. According to psychology researchers from the University of Southern California and Cornell, dim lighting and movie previews are linked to

swiftly urging an audience to impulsively eat popcorn…“even if it’s stale”.


Researchers tend to believe that it is not the type of popcorn or the machine it’s popped in, but the style of how a theatre prepares the popcorn. Every theatre pops theirs differently and uses different flavorings.

I think that most of us can agree, Popcorn and movies go together, hand in hand. You should never have one without the other. Popcorn is dominant at movie houses. If you don’t end up enjoying the film, you will end up enjoying the popcorn.



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