Calling all business owners!

Fine Arts Theatre Place is enthused to announce the availability for our onscreen advertising space. We would love to help you get your name out there for a reasonable price. Advertising your company on the big screen with us is not only cheap, but very much worth it. You could be reaching thousands of people a week!

Throughout the week we regularly have over fifteen shows playing. Prior to each show, we display 45 minutes’ worth of ads. Our before show screenings of ads allow up to a maximum of 20 ads.

Increase your popularity and become better known.

Market your business and communicate with new customers by creating an ad that appeals to your audience. Inform potential new clients about your product and its value. For a small budget you could be constructing a new group of patrons, while also encouraging them to promote your business by word of mouth.

Run your ad with us for $250 a month or $600 for three months!

We can guarantee that your ad will be shown for a minimum of 2 ½ minutes per show. Advertising plays a huge role in benefiting businesses which is why you can’t go wrong choosing to use us.

While your ad will be showing over 35 times a week, it will also be reaching more than 4000 people a week!

All ads should be in .PNG format 3996×2160 resolution. We also offer assistance in formatting for a one-time fee of $50. A Color logo is required for custom ads. If you are looking to publicize your company and expand your clientele, please email us at for details.

Don’t forget to ask us about our website advertising for an additional fee!

(*Must be paid in full to receive discount)